LMP Owners Area Terms

Updated April 05, 2023

By registering for LMP Owners Area you agree that you have read these terms, understand them, and agree to abide by them for the duration of your LMP Owners Area membership.

Advertising LMP Owners Area

LMP Owners Area is a hidden site and only available to Advertising Website owners and Administrators Advertising APPROVED by the owner of LMP Owners Area. Advertising LMP Owners Area is strictly forbidden. If you would like to tell another owner about LMP Owners Area, please read the Referral Bonus below.

Name and/or Username

For legal reasons we require all members to register with their REAL Legal First & Last Names. NO Business names allowed. Your Username MUST not be inappropriate nor offensive in any way. Usernames and/or Names cannot contain numbers and/or any characters other than alphabet. Failure to comply with warnings will result in your account suspended OR deleted.


You are only allowed to register for one LMP Owners Area account. You are not permitted to access any accounts that do not belong to you. You are not permitted to allow others to access your account for any reason. If forany reason such as an Admin accessing the owners account, you will need to contact LMP Owners Area first.

Referral Bonus

LMP Owners Area has a Referral Bonus in lieu of a traditional affiliate program.

For every Owner you refer that meet all the expectations listed below,

You will receive the amount in Piggy Bank cash that covers

** NOTE: Special Events & Promos do not count**

The "Referred" Owner must

You will NOT receive any other incentive after the Owner initially joins. The "Referred Owner" will not be your "Downline". There is no "Downline" available at LMP Owners Area.

In order for the "Downline Integrity" to work, you must fill in the Downline Builder. This will produce signups and possible sales from the signups at the programs offered on the Prize Pages.

Affiliate Program

LMP Owners Area does NOT have an affiliate Program, therefore there are NO "commissions" I have called this LuvBux. It is IMPOSSIBLE to offer an affiliate program - Please do NOT ask for it.


Being subscribed to admin & members emails is a membership requirement. You will receive updates pertaining to Newsletters. Unsubscribing is strictly forbidden and will result in your account being deleted. You will as a result lose your promos, credits, impressions etc.

URL Submission Rules

Before submitting a URL to LMP Owners Area, please read these rules very carefully and make sure your URL does not violate any of them. If you violate any of these rules, your site will be deleted along with any credits assigned to them. Your LMP Owners Area account may also be deleted.

IF you are NOT sure what any of the above abbreviations mean or you would like further clarification please contact me.

LMP Owners Area has the full right to delete any site thatĀ is inappropriate or questionable. Members are completely responsible for the content they promote using LMP Owners Area.

Each & every banner, square banner and text ad submitted to LMP Owners Area is thoroughly viewed by owner prior to approval for rotation. Every effort is to ensure quality and safety to all members. However, LMP Owners Area is NOT responsible for any sites advertised on LMP Owners Area.

Members are responsible for ensuring they have the rights to promote a URL, and any content it contains. LMP Owners Area is not responsible if a user is in violation of another legal agreement, copyright infringement, or any other issues. ALL members should use caution and do their own research before joining any site advertised at LMP Owners Area.


LuvBux is strictly for use by members who have funds in their LuvBux(PiggyBank). LuvBux is non-transferable to any other member. LuvBux cannot be converted to cash money. LuvBux can only be used at LMP Owners Area for selected purchases ONLY.

Refund Policy

There are NO Refunds. All transactions are automatic. It is your responsibility to make sure your subscriptions are paid and up to date. If you no longer wish to continue your subscription, it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription before the due date. If you file a dispute or a chargeback, your membership will terminate immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS! NON NEGOTIABLE!

Contact Me

Any member who contacts me through my Skype in an aggressive manner will be immediately deleted, banned and reported. NO EXCEPTIONS! NON NEGOTIABLE!

Contact Information

Katrina Graham (OWNER)

Hamilton, Ontario

L8M 1C8

Phone: 1-289-556-9973

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